How To Wear Wireless Earbuds?

Have you recently purchased a pair of Wireless Earbuds? Are you having a hard time adjusting them into your Ears? Do you have a constant fear of losing them? Getting a good fit is extremely crucial when using Wireless Earbuds. If they don’t fit correctly you will face bad sound quality along with external noises.

However, All you need to do is to connect it via Bluetooth and place it in your ear canals but it isn’t that simple as it seems.

Of course, you don’t want to invest your money in something you don’t know how to properly use or wear. With the increasing advancement in technology, wireless gadgets are a blessing for all the users out there.

Since Wireless Earbuds are the most convenient to use as you can easily answer phone calls without picking up your mobile and can also listen to your favorite music while jogging.

How To Wear and Adjust Earbuds

In this article, we will also be addressing all the common problems associated with adjusting earbuds. These problems include earbuds easily falling off, not achieving a proper seal and a sudden cease or disruption in working. Here’s a complete step-by-step guide on how to wear them properly and attain the most comfortable and promising fit.

Step:1 Choosing The Most Appropriate Fit

Most factors might influence the fit including the insertion angle, wearing styles, and Earphone design. Choosing the right and suitable pair of Earbuds is extremely essential to ensure the best user experience and getting maximum noise cancellation.

Though most of the brands produce a standard size of Earbuds but a few of them offer a variety of sizes ranging from small to larger ones. It is observed that men have larger Earcanals than women so they should go for a larger pair.

We strongly advise our readers to not purchase Earphones before trying them out. Always prefer to wear it before buying. Moreover, if your earbuds have changeable tips, you can change them, accordingly. The different versions of it might work. Otherwise, you will end up getting frustrated and annoyed. A poor fit will cause soreness, shallow sound, and improper bass.

For Long duration wearing, getting the best befitting pair is necessary.

Step:2 Adjusting the Wireless Earbud in Your Ear

Gently put the Earbuds in your ear. Stabilizing and safeguarding require you to hold your earbud and tilt it towards your ear as you place it in position. It should be kept in mind that they are nearer to your eardrum. Slightly twisting them back and forth may help you to sit them properly.

How To Wear Wireless Earbuds

Try numerous angles to see what feels the most comfortable. For better sound quality, place the earbuds in your ear towards the head. It is one of the stable wear methods, and if you like to use earbuds while running, this might turn out to be the best way to wear them. You may also turn these earbuds upside down for additional stability and adherence.

In an exceptional case, if there is a constant difficulty in adjusting the earphones into the ear canals, then some brands do offer customized earbuds which makes them worth your money.

People often recommend an angle of 90° but again it depends on what works out for you to get the maximum seal. To ensure the best sound experience, adjusting is extremely important. After completing this step you need to check if the sound is clear and reach the ear cavity effortlessly.

Step:3 Press The Wireless Earbud To Secure It

In case you have successfully chosen a good size of earbuds, it will just require a few seconds to place it completely. After loosely attaching the earbuds to your ears. The first thing that you must keep in mind while wearing them is that they should not stretch over your ears as they will cause painful sensations along with discomfort.

Try fixing them inside the cavity of the ear canal to prevent them from popping out of your ears. Don’t press the earbuds too forcefully as it may cause redness in the earlobe. Gently allow them to sit in the ears by using your index fingers.

Once these are stabilized you can easily move your head without being scared of missing your worthy earbuds.

A good seal acts as a barrier between the internal sound and external unwanted noises. To achieve a fine seal and prevent all the external sound waves from entering your Ears, this step is a must to do.

Step:4 Don’t Move Your Face Too Much

Of Course, you can’t completely stop moving your jaws and face while talking to someone or eating something. Moreover, if you are working in an office, you can’t constantly keep quiet.

It is seen that even if you have settled your earphones, a slight movement might loosen them. Also, the size and structure of the jaw bone influence the fixation a lot. As a consequence of slacked earbuds, long discussions and phone calls may sound troublesome for you.

Therefore, we suggest you increase the sound and also avoid moving your jaws.

Though you can not simply be still but minimizing the movement is the only solution.

Step:5 Cleaning Out Wax and Moisture From Your Ear Canals

Getting a Wax build-up in your ears is a common problem that needs to be sorted out.

Because of this wax buildup the size of ear canals may be reduced and eventually cause the earbuds to pop out.

Wax in your ears also hinders the sound to reach the eardrum. In order to get proper adherence to ear tips, you need to clear out all the dirt and wax from the earlobes. Use cotton swabs and cleanse your earlobes gently and smoothly.

If the wireless earbuds are not waterproof but water-resistant and they are exposed to water, the problem can be severe. Even if it is waterproof and you submerge the Bluetooth earbuds at a depth of water that the IP rating can’t bear it. It might cause them to stop working but you can rectify it and try to absorb the moisture with a clean cloth and air dry or put them inside grains of rice to get rid of every drop of moisture.

That turns out to be a major factor hindering sound. Remove and dry out the moisture for optimum performance.

Step:6 Clearing the Linings of Eartips

The material of Eartips in the earbuds is usually made from silicon, as it is really soft and durable. The fine linings of ear tips may adhere to other materials from the atmosphere like dirt. This results in the formation of a layer blocking the sound to reach the eardrum.

Wax forms a lasting yellowish layer in the mesh of ear tips too. As we have previously mentioned that obtaining an adequate seal is essential for getting rich bass.

So, Cleaning out all the stuff accumulated in the Eartips can minimize most of the sound quality issues.

Proper cleansing of wireless Bluetooth earbuds lessens the chance of your valuable wireless earbuds getting harmed. Also, keeping the volume of your best Bluetooth earbuds at an intermediate level and purchasing advanced can prevent or ameliorate problems. Attempting these ways of wearing earbuds might work out for you.

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