How to Pair Wireless Earbuds Together?

Out of all things wireless, let’s talk about earbuds and how you can pair wireless earbuds together. It is very easy.

Wireless earbuds have become the new cool today. Wireless earbuds are just like your usual earbuds, less the need for a wire or a cable to connect them to any device. From AirPods to beats power beats and many others of the sort, you can find a range of wireless earbuds and choose the one that fits your budget and your needs.

Just like everyone has adjusted to the new normal in our lives, we are moving forward to accept the new normal in the world of tech as well.

So why should one really invest in wireless earbuds?

Known to produce high-quality sounds, these earbuds are stylish (if you hadn’t picked up that bit yet) and help you do more than just listening to your favorite song. One can literally even clean the room with the earbuds on. Not just this, connect it with your TV sets and listen to your favorite program without disturbing anyone else in the room. Many wireless earbuds also come with the feature of noise cancellation, which helps you listen to your favorite music uninterrupted.

If you have continued to read, you either own a pair of wireless earbuds already, or you have decided to buy one now.

Probably, you haven’t been able to figure out how to pair them correctly, which is why you are here. Follow the step-by-step guide and get it done.

Alert: this is a guide majorly for the not-so-tech-savvy, but the others can continue reading too.

Step 1: Fully charging the devices

Charge the earbuds to 100% before you use them for the first time. The Bluetooth device you’d be pairing it with should also be charged fully. The catch behind charging the devices is that you would be able to use the device as long as you can. What’s more? You can complete the connection process without any halts that may arise due to the low charge. If a device is used without being charged fully before the first use, the battery life is slightly lessened.

You wouldn’t want that, right?

Tip: don’t use the device while it charges. This helps in extending the maximum battery life.

Step 2: Check if the earbuds are compatible

Both earbuds and the Bluetooth device should be compatible. If that is not the case, the earbuds would not connect with each other or any other device for that matter, putting the entire process in peril. Another important factor is the Bluetooth type; each gadget should feature the same.

While the Bluetooth type 5.0 is compatible with all others up to 5.0, the earbuds aren’t compatible with each other until they are of the same make.

Step 3: Switch on the Bluetooth

Don’t laugh. How many times did your Bluetooth not connect, and you found out that it wasn’t switched on in the first place? Relatable huh?

Dependent on whether you use an android or an iOs device, the method to switch on the Bluetooth would vary. The best way to check if the Bluetooth is switched on is by checking the icon on the screen. If you can’t see it, you probably know what you need to do.*winks*

Step 4: Put the earbuds on to pairing mode

Pair Wireless Earbuds TogetherWhile most wireless earbuds pair automatically when powered on, you may require to pair the ones that aren’t the same as the majority, yourself. The best way to know this is to read the user manual to understand it. (If you hadn’t thought about the fact that a manual exists, ha-ha, you aren’t alone) but now, read the manual to get the answer to this question. The Bluetooth on each earbud would activate when pairing. The Bluetooth pairing button usually turns on, but if that doesn’t happen itself, then… then what? You need to do it. Simple. Typically one needs to hold the button for a few seconds so that it switches on.

This can be easily determined. Either through the button or through LED lights that indicate if the Bluetooth is in pairing mode or not.

With the earbuds’ Bluetooth switched on, your earbuds are all set to connect.

Mission accomplished! Your earbuds have been paired

Once the devices are ready to be paired, go back to the Bluetooth settings in your device and check, the name of your earbuds should show. Obviously, you need to allow a few seconds’ time, and then you can choose that device to pair. It’s done.

Please note that you need to turn off the Bluetooth of previously paired devices if you want to connect a new one.

What? You followed the method and still couldn’t pair the earbuds successfully?

Your Bluetooth pairing failed; here’s why.

  1. The Bluetooth is often not turned on. Yes, we did mention it before, but it seems like someone needs to check that again
  2. Devices may require unique codes to be entered before the pairing process begins; check if your device is one of those.
  3. The Bluetooth of the device you intend to pair your earbuds with is not discoverable. Yeah, just when you thought you knew it all, there came this step you knew about but didn’t check if it were in place or not
  4. The devices are not in proximity
  5. Each device requires to be turned off and then on before being paired, but you… didn’t do it?
  6. devices aren’t sufficiently charged (can’t stress on this enough)

A few things you should know

  1. Additional features are bound to cost you more
  2. Earbuds with noise cancellation features often have reduced battery time as this feature consumes the battery; thus, don’t be worried if your earbuds that come with noise cancellation do not give you the optimum playtime
  3. Putting in more money will get you better quality
  4. Expect a 20% cut in its seller quoted playtime
  5. (Whispers: phones and laptops are eliminating headphone jacks, so probably all of us would be investing in wireless earbuds soon)

The bottom line

#NotAllDevices come with an enabled Bluetooth and common sense advocates that you need to enable it yourself. You can read that up online based on the device you are using, but when pairing it with an iPhone or an android, the entire system is not too complex, and we know that most of you would pair your earbuds with one of the two.

There is no rocket science in pairing wireless earbuds together; just follow the steps religiously. You should be good to go.

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