How To Clean Gaming Headset?

Hygiene is very important in our daily lives. We should stay clean and keep our stuff of daily use, also clean. It is essential for our health and of course for the long life of the product.

Nowadays the use of headsets or many other inventions like this has become an integral part of our lives. We never hesitate to spend a big chunk of bucks on buying the best pair of gaming headsets but can’t spend a few minutes cleaning them.

Though with time when we don’t pay attention to cleaning our headsets but only use and use and just use them for our entertainment. We feel that the sound quality lacks that crispiness, to which we are used. And that way we feel no hesitation in throwing the old pair of headsets and buying a new one.

However, that should not happen in the first place.

Why is Cleaning Necessary for your Headphones?

Clean Gaming Headset

The use of headphones or headsets is becoming a vital part of our lives. Like when we are doing our workouts, exercise we want to do all this along with listening to music. We sweat out and our headsets catch dirt more easily when they are wet with our sweat.

If we are on a walk our headphones are with us. While listening to music we are giving an open door to the dirt.

Why is Cleaning Necessary for your Gaming Headphones?

While playing games on the computer, a headset is on the ears throughout the game. Earwax can clog the tiny cervixes in headphones and can damage the performance.

As gaming headsets are used very often and are attached to your ears in long sessions of games, so there is a good chance that ear pads of these headsets can catch a lot of sweat. This sweat can cause a build-up for bacteria to cling in-ear pads. You may not pay attention to it but most probably your headsets or one of the dirtiest things of daily usage.

Benefits of Cleaning Gaming Headsets Regularly

Longer Life of Gaming Headset

Cleaning your gaming headsets is very beneficial for the performance of your headset but also for their long life. After 1 or 2 years of regular use, the performance and sound quality will plop down.

To maintain the performance of gaming headsets you have to clean your headsets in a month or two on regular basis.

Clean and Hygenic Headset

It can also be a hazard to your hygiene. Different kinds of bacteria can infect your ears because they are in direct contact with your ear if they are housed in the earcups of your headset.

Less Risk And Saves Money

Whether you have in-ear or over-ear gaming headsets, cleaning them regularly will lessen the risk of infection. The best thing is that you can increase the lifetime of your headsets and it will be a beneficiary to your pocket.

How to clean your Gaming Headsets

Just do not worry at all. No struggle or hard work is needed for cleaning. Just some simple things which you need will most probably available in your home.

Some popular brands like Apple, Boose, and Beats provide you with a guideline to clean their products. But if you have some other brand’s product then you should consult the manufacturer’s instructions because every product is not easy on cleaning.

What you need to clean your Headsets

All you have to do is just clean your headsets with delicate hands.

For effective and easy cleaning, you have to follow the steps we are guiding. A few things which you will need are as follows and will be easily available in your own home.

  • A small wet cloth
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton buds
  • Brush
  • Soap
  • Water

Follow these steps to clean out your gaming headset from dirt or any bacteria:

Take a bowl of Water And Cloth

Take a bowl filled with mild water with a little soap or detergent and dip the piece of cloth(it should be some kind of soft fabric)in it and squeeze for excess water.

Do not wash your headset ever

Since we are engaged in electronics we will not wash our headphones with water.

Remove the earcups

Now, remove the ear cups from your headsets and use a wet cloth to clean all the dirt you can see. Clean them as much as you can and have your focus on the area that touches your ears.

Clean With Delicate Hands

Take a dampened paper towel or a clean wet piece of cloth. Clean the complete surface of ear cups and headsets by working in gentle circles and with delicate hands.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide or Sanitizer

Take cotton wool balls dipped in hydrogen peroxide or hand sanitizer and with delicate hands wipe off all the dust or bacteria lurking in foam if earpads.

Use Soft Brush For Dirt marks

Take a clean brush having soft strands and brush on grime or dirt marks until they are gone.

Clean With Dry Piece Of Cloth

When marks are gone clean the foam with a wet cloth. Now take a dry piece of cloth and wipe all the moist and any drops of water(if present).

Dry In open Air

Now, let your ear pads dry in the open air. Place them on the dry sheet with face up. Do not reattach them in headphones until they are fully dried in natural air.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

Expand your headsets to their full size and clean them completely with a wet towel or rubbing alcohol.

Clean Speaker / Mike With Alcohol

Dip a q tip in some alcohol and clean the main speakers and mic of your gaming headsets.

Clean Wires

At last, clean all the wires connected to your headsets with a damp cloth.

Tips to Do Regular Hygiene Maintenance and Regular Cleanup

Every time you use your headphones, wipe them off with a clean cloth so that if there is any dust they should be removed before any kind of spots or buildup. You can keep a piece of cloth in your headsets not to forget about cleaning them. If possible give a regular clean-up with alcohol or soapy water.

You use your gaming headsets quite often so, clean them on weekly basis.


The more you take care of your gaming headsets the less are the chances of any dirt build-up or bacteria clog in foam mesh. A cleaning routine will not only stave off sweat, dirt, and bacteria but also prevent your headphones from becoming odorous and stale.

Easy on your Bucks

If regularly taken care of your earphones, they will comfort you for a longer time. Good care will keep them in a good condition. So, you do not have to replace them again and again.

Regular Checkup

Have a check on your ear pads. If often used, you have to replace them after a certain time. They will be worn out or shred off. A new pair of headphones ear pads will give a new look to your headsets.

Last but not least you should regularly clean your ears too to prevent your headphones from catching any ear wax.


Following these tips will give you a longer life to your gaming headsets. Cleaning your headsets is an absolutely simple way to maintain their best performance. It also will lessen the chance of acquiring a bacterial ear infection. Moreover, it will save you a lot of hard-earned money which you might have to use for buying a new headset.


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