About us

About Headphonesversus.com

Headphonesversus is a place where we research the best product among a hundred and thousands of other products and give the buyer’s guide of our audience.

We are a bunch of guys who like headphones and research on them. Our mission is clear, to help people to make the right decision of buying headphones through our buying guides and comparison tables.

If you trying to figure which product is best for you, I believe you will find this blog really helpful.

Headphoneversus is an independent blog, there is no other company or website behind us that tells us what to do and which product to promote. We promote products on our research and product qualities.

Our goal is to make the ultimate headphone guides, this is why we made this website.

There are hundreds of different other headphones out there in the market, it’s tough for you to make a buying decision.

This is why we come to help you guys.


How we are better than the other competitors?

We tell our audience if products are good or bad (all good products have some issues).

We make reviews really easy to read, give details clearly and still covering all the topics about the product.

We never review the products for their promotion like other sites.

We’re independent, there is no company and website behind us for telling us about the products.

The information given by our teams about the review is 100% informative and neutral.